Reference from Taiwan Business Weekly

Wine and Glass are perfect partners?  Acrylic should be limited in cheap kitchenware and houseware?  There are many myths about acrylic; some more obvious than others.  When it comes to Acrylic, Jolly Tone turns it to a low-key luxury and absolutely stunning lifestyle art pieces can be enjoyed every day and in very occasion.

Chef Vito Bellomo, worked for a Michelin 3 Star restaurant in Italy, takes his gourmet works seriously with high demands on food plating.  When Chef Vito Bellomo first met Jolly Tone, he was amazed and inspired by Jolly’s pure and clear designs.   
“Jolly, the clear way to invent my food.” – Chef Vito Bellomo says!

In this summer at Shanghai, Chef Vito Bellomo was invited to demonstrate his new creative cuisine plating with Jolly acrylic 
dishes to the public. Guests are all surprised to learn these shining crystal look dishes are made of Acrylic,which totally
beyond their understanding of Acrylic and dropped their jaws!
With his creativity and outstanding cook, Chef Vito Bellomo fully utilized Jolly acrylic pieces into extremely versatile and
delicate tableware.  For example, the cake set was applied for oyster and seafood plating.  No one could even imagine
this inspired combination ever!

Another remarkable scene is the “smoke show” - Chef Vito Bellomo applied Jolly’s round shape tall cake set and put tuna 
and rosemary inside.  He lighted the rosemary, covered the top, and then smoke got inside.  Everyone hold breath
waiting to see what magic he’s working, and Voila!  He surprised everyone by opening the top and let the smell
of rosemary gradually spread out in the room.  With the clarity and translucent texture of Jolly Crystal Acrylic,
no wonder Chef Vito Bellomo is the best speaker for Jolly Crystal Acrylic!

There’s nothing modest about Jolly Crystal Acrylic. From its slogan “Beauty of Function, Craft of Technology”, to the
company’s aspirations of someday being a leading Acrylic designer and manufacturer – Jolly Tone is not only looking
to make an innovative impact in the Acrylic design, but also offer a great experience, one that can realize “Style life,
life in style”. The ordinary house ware can be upgraded to art pieces.