Application Around our Lives

Acrylic paint essentially consists of PMMA suspended in water; however since PMMA is hydrophobic, a substance with both hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups needs to be added to facilitate the suspension

Modern furniture makers,  staringt from the 1960s and 1970s, seeking to give their products a space age aesthetic, incorporated PMMA products into their designs, especially office chairs. Many other products (for example, guitars) are sometimes made with acrylic glass to make the commonly opaque objects translucent.

Diasec is a process which uses acrylic glass as a substitute for normal glass in picture framing. This is done for its relatively light weight, shatter-resistant nature and aesthetic reasons and for the fact that it can be ordered in larger sizes than standard picture-framing glass.

From approximately the 1960s onward, sculptors and glass artists began using acrylics, especially taking advantage of the material's flexibility, light weight, cost and its capacity to refract and filter light

Applications around our life