Commercial Application

PMMA Acrylic glass is commonly used for constructing residential and commercial aquariums. Designers started building big aquariums when poly(methyl methacrylate) could be used. The spectacular size of both flat panels and tunnels in aquariums such as Monterey Bay, Tokyo Sea Life Park, Osaka, Nagoya and Dubai Aquariums were made possible with the introduction of acrylic. PMMA is used in the lenses of exterior lights of automobiles. The spectator protection in ice hockey rinks is made from PMMA.

Motorcycle helmet visors, police vehicles for riot control often have the regular glass replaced with acrylic to protect the occupants from thrown objects. In some Motor racing championships the glass windows in the cars are replaced with acrylic to prevent glass shattering on the driver and track during a crash. They also help to save some weight making the car lighter and faster.

Acrylic is used for viewing ports and even complete hulls of submersibles, such as the Alicia submarine's viewing spheres and the Bathyscaphe Trieste's windows. Acrylic sheet is the most widely used material in aircraft transparencies (windows). In applications where the aircraft is pressurized, stretched acrylic is used. Acrylic is an important material in the making of certain lighthouse lenses.