The acrylic material was distilled from petroleum as a raw material and became one of the most important accomplishments in the new field of thermoplastics.

What is unique about Acrylic is its highly transparent appearance, together with its high impact strength, Acrylic’s transparency, changed people’s perception of what was possible in a clear plastic material. Acrylic has a total light transmission of 92% while its measured haze is only 1%.

The combination of extreme transparency and high strength interested the technical staff at our firm, Jolly- Tone. Our designers started to develop Acrylic products for the lifestyle market that was  developing in the early 1960’s.  We found that the “sparkle” or clarity of this plastic was seen to its best advantage when the molded piece had a significant thickness in cross section.

We found it very difficult to obtain the look of fine crystal in an acrylic piece as molding a thick piece part was extremely challenging.

To develop a crystal clear product without trapped air bubbles and other contamination which was 15mm in thickness took Jolly’s technicians months of experimentation. Finally, our acrylic products looked like fine crystal and were extremely break resistant!

As time went on Jolly’s personnel challenged themselves to develop beautiful products at thicknesses of over 150 mm. and weighing in excess of 25kgs./55lbs.  We have met these criteria and continue to develop products of increasing beauty.

The 21st century is an era of dynamic change but the ongoing desire for beauty is an everlasting human hope. We have found that fashion changes but classic beauty always remains. Jolly intends to continue to develop a new paradigm for simplicity and classical beauty in our products.